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Zenified™ is the all in one ultimate pain relief solution.

Thanks to its micropulses it gives you the same experience of deep relaxation of acupuncture right from the comfort of your home.

It can help alleviate muscular tension, articular pains and all forms of stress thanks to its deep tissue stimulation properties.


It doesn't matter your age, gender or physical condition, Zenified™ will let you get in touch with your deeper self and forget about all worries, stresses and pains of your daily life. Join thousands of others and find how they are significantly improving their quality of life!


✓Zenified™ is portable: small, compact, fits in any bag and can be used both at home and on the go.

    ✓ Zenified™ is scientifically tested: it doesn't mess around, Zenified™ applies the same principles of acupuncture stimulation that have been tested for thousands of years and have benefited millions of people.
      ✓ Zenified™ is safe: We care about your health. Zenified™ is 100% safe and has zero side effects.


      ✓ Effectively relieves muscle and chronic pain

        ✓ Reduces stress of daily life
          ✓ Can be used both at home and outside

          ✓ Easy to use 

            ✓ 9 Different Power Levels 
              ✓ 2 different heads to stimulate effectively different bodyparts
              ✓ 10000+ Satisfied Customers (See reviews below)



                WHAT CAN ZENIFIED™ DO?

                Relieve Muscle Pain
                Thanks to its electrical impulses, Zenified™ gives you the same benefits of acupuncture that have stood the test of time, including deep muscular massage, improved recovery and reduced muscular tension.
                Improve Blood Circulation
                Zenified™ improves local and full body blood circulation thanks to its acupuncture-like properties.
                Deep Relaxation 
                Like acupuncture, Zenified™ helps you get in touch with yourself, forgetting about all the worries of daily life.
                Improve Energy
                A Zenified™ session restores your well-being, giving you moments of deep relaxation. This means a significant boost in your daily mood and energy!


                HOW TO USE ZENIFIED™

                ✓ Step 1: Be sure to have your desired bodyparts clean and dry.
                ✓ Step 2: Select the desired intensity (start with the lowest one and work your way up gradually)
                ✓ Step 3: Turn on Zenified™ and enjoy moments of deep relaxation and pain relief.

                IN THE BOX


                1x Zenified™
                ✓ 2x Replaceable Heads
                ✓ 1x User Manual 



                  Q: Will it hurt?
                  A: Zenified™ is 100% safe, if you ever feel some type of discomfort just turn down the intensity and you will be fine.

                  Q: Will it work for me?
                  A: Yes, our device is suitable for any age, gender and physical condition; anybody can benefit from the relaxation properties of Zenified™.

                  Q: Can multiple people use it?
                  A: Yes, there is no problem, multiple people may use it. However most people end up wanting their own :)

                  Q: Is there more than one mode?
                  A: Yes, there are three power intensities to choose from. Simply press the button, and the display will show which level it is set to.

                  Q: How is it powered?
                  A: Zenified™ needs a AA battery to function ( not included) but don't worry, one battery lasts months if not years :)

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